She watches over the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Is A Special Celebration (2013)

Easter morning was overcast
but that didn't stop the crocuses from blooming.

It is the ordinary things in which I find extraordinary pleasure.
Seeing Easter through the eyes of a child.
The mystery, the magic, the hunt.
Going through the door to Spring.

Hunting for eggs before and after Church.

Someone stands behind that door
and it isn't even the Easter Bunny.  (No offense)
It isn't any other than me the mother.
It is a lot of extra work.

Dad found some really tricky places
to hide those eggs.

But looking with the eyes of a child
the ordinary becomes special and the well known a mystery.
Tying bunnies and chicks and chocolate
to Christ's death and resurrection.

Hand knitted chick.
Pattern from

It all makes sense when I'm a child.


...'because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.'...
Jesus words to God in Matthew 11:25

What if I open an egg and it contains
the fragrant disks of dried banana?
Or dried apple squares?
Or chips of chocolate from a natural chocolate company?

Homemade wholewheat sugar cookies
with naturally died icing.  Blackberry,
Raspberry, Orange and Chocolate.

A basket filled with chocolate delights and thoughtful gifts.
Cookies made in shapes
and drenched with fruit flavored and colored sugar icing.

Puzzle pieces hidden in some of the eggs
was a hit.

When you hold on the sweets all year,
(well except for Christmas and Valentines)
then sweets are a special rarity and treasured with glee.
When a treat is really a treat and not an everyday habit
then it really is a treat.

A visit to the cemetery to honor our precious.

Wow, Easter is special.
News from the grandchildren far away.
Aren't they beautiful?

Easter is a special celebration.

Celebrating a special Someone, who did a rare thing.

He sacrificed Himself for us so that we can live anew.

No more guilt,
no more shame,
no more sacrificing over and over to make up for our habitual sinning.

Everything is new and we are forgiven,
because of Him, Jesus.
Because He arose.What a reason to celebrate.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with chocolate and chicks and bunnies and flowers.
All the new life.
In the eyes of a child.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

~ A Reason To Carry On ~

Finishing a birthday card for his Mother.

When you died
a part of me died too.
Not a part that can be seen,
but a part that feels.
The energy,
the gumption,
the get up and at it,
the go,
the drive,
the will,
the power
the part that 'wants',
the part that is 'alive'.
Doctor's love to see this part
if a patient is to heal.
The part that's called
It is the fight inside,
the struggle to survive,
to overcome
 to win.
The succeed part,
it died,
Bringing flowers on her birthday.
that day in: 
2011, the 29th of May.

Debbie Lynn,
The memory of your smile,
your need,
your beauty and grace.
The love we shared,
mother for daughter,
daughter for mother.
The things I hold that you once touched.
Your son,
your little sister Chloe.
News from your syblings
who live far away,
and all the young ones with them
growing up today;
Stephan, Loralei, Larry, Elijah, Olivia and Isaac,
they keep me moving,
give me plenty of reasons,

to get up and LOVE,
to get up and LIVE.
To share
Little Sister bringing flowers.
and to smile
and to listen
and give.
 To cook
and to plant
and to harvest
and sew.
To wash
and to tend to the loves I have still.
To be here for those
who need me to be.
To find joy
 and contentment
as long as God wills.
When my work is done,
when I'm no longer needed,
and as soon as God chooses,
I'll be there in heaven with you.